Weston-super-Mare Carnival Procession

Weston Carnival 13-Nov-2020










C is for carnival clubs, who spend 12 months working on their entries in secret. The beauty of carnival past, present and future. A smile is always just a click away smile

A is for annual event. Somerset has been commemorating Guy Fawkes attempt in 1605 to blow up The Houses of Parliament since 1881.

R is for route. Arrive early and bring a chair, to ensure a good viewing position. Most processions are over two miles long and can take up to two hours to pass any given point on route.

N is for November. The season of Bonfires, Fireworks and carnival! Put this November in your diary to visit Somerset for one of our spectacular carnivals.

I is for illuminated. Guy Fawkes carnivals are the worlds largest illuminated winter carnivals.

V is value for money! Online donations, official merchandise and a street collection with all profits going to local charities – please give generously. Programmes are produced for every procession and contain a wealth of information on the history of carnival, the entries and local clubs.

A is for All singing, All dancing. There are many different types of entries including action – packed feature carts, the waxwork like Tableaux, as well as individual and group walking entries.

L is for lights! Carnival carts can contain up to 25,000 light bulbs and can be up to 100ft long, 11 ft wide ans 17ft 6in high.


Each and every collector will wear an OFFICIAL YELLOW SASH. Each collecting tin or bucket will carry an OFFICIAL NUMBER on the tin or bucket. Official Collecting carts will also appear in the procession. Please give your donations to OFFICIAL COLLECTORS ONLY.

Please give generously and help us exceed last year’s collection of £7,910

You are also able to make donations online


Official 2019 Carnival programmes will be on sale for £1 each at various locations including Visit Weston at the Tropicana and McColls newsagents.

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