About Us

On behalf of the Weston-Super-Mare carnival committee we thank you for supporting our carnival and hope that you will enjoy the spectacle that will roll out in front of you.

The Weston-Super-Mare November Carnival is the result of 12 months hard work, fund-raising and no doubt some heartache by the many carnival clubs who annually enter the Somerset County Circuit.

We hope that you enjoy the spectacle and look forward to seeing you again next year.

We have in excess of 100 entries – a wonderful spectacle which will take up to 2 hours to pass you – please help us by supporting OUR carnival and local charities in order to ensure the continuation of carnival and a procession in the coming years.

Please give generously to the team of dedicated collectors – and if you must buy a luminous necklace or balloon only buy it from traders wearing a yellow “WSM authorised trader” armband. These traders would have made a donation to us to sell at carnival – the others are only out to make a fortune by robbing you of your hard earned cash for themselves!

Finally, we all want you to enjoy yourselves and be safe – please do not stand outside the barriers, do not throw coins at the entries or let your children run out into the road and retrieve any coins.

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