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Stunning illuminations will light up the night sky above Weston-super-Mare when the popular carnival returns to town.

More than 140 illuminated floats, marching bands, fancy dress walkers and entertainers will wind their way through the town on Friday 8th November 2019

Thousands of visitors are expected to descend on Weston and line the streets to see the annual procession.

The procession starts at Locking Road car park, turns left at the roundabout, past Tesco’s following Alexandra Parade and left on to Alfred Street.  At the end of Alfred Street the procession turns left on to the Boulevard, along Waterloo Street and South Parade turning left at the Cabot Bars on to the seafront (Royal Parade). Once it reaches the Weston Wheel it will turn left on to Carlton Street, travelling along Station Road where it ends.

Download a copy of the
carnival route (pdf).


Each and every collector will wear an Official YELLOW sash.  Each collecting tin or bucket will carry an Official Number with a CREAM Label across the tin or bucket.  Official Collecting Floats will also appear in the procession.


Please give your donations ONLY to Official Collectors.


Please give generously and help us exceed last year’s collection of £14,464.


2018 programmes are now on sale £1 each at various locations including Visit Weston at the Tropicana and Mc Colls newsagents.


Next years carnival will be Friday 8th November 2019




Forty-Five years ago after many meetings, Weston was finally accepted to be included onto the Somerset County Guy Fawkes Carnival Circuit.


To achieve this acceptance Weston was added to the end of the circuit, on a Monday.


Bridgwater Carnival had traditionally started the SCGFCA circuit, previously on a Thursday and more recently, on a Friday.


Bridgwater Committee made a decision to change their day to the previous Saturday. After lengthy discussions and meetings Weston agreed to move from their Monday and take up the (now vacant) formally Bridgwater Friday.


This move was requested by and for the benefit of Carnival Entrants as it shortened the new extended circuit by ending on the Saturday at Glastonbury.


Weston considered that a Friday could make the evening more enjoyable for viewers without the need to consider school attendance the next morning, and possibly enjoying a weekend in Weston.


Friday would also allow more volunteers to be available without the “next morning” return to work.


Thank you for coming to enjoy this years Weston Carnival. Tonight is the result of many months of hard work and dedication from both the Carnival Committee and Clubs.


Whilst there has been a reduction in available funds for entrants to cover the costs of staging an event as this, I believe they have maintained the usual extremely high standard.


The enthusiasm of the entries has shown that Carnival exceeds any monetary costs.


Carnival provides an evening of fun and family entertainment, whilst also looking to raise funds for various charitable causes. I urge you to reward the efforts of the numerous volunteers, which make Carnival possible, and give generously.


We are hoping that through your generosity we can make this year a bumper collection! The more we raise the more charitable organisations will benefit.


I would like to thank fellow committee members for giving up their time and hard work in making this spectacular event possible. Thanks also go to the marshals, collectors, judges and participants for their efforts in making the Carnival a success.


Have a wonderful evening, have a safe journey home and please come back next year.



Chairman / Procession Convenor

Weston November Carnival Committee