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Click Here for the essential guide to participating in the Somerset Carnivals


Please find below a link to a single on-line entry form for any or all seven county carnivals, Classes 1 – 15; the completed form once submitted will be accessible to all seven carnival committee’s but only used by the carnivals you have indicated you wish to enter, once you press submit you will be able to print off or save your responses as a receipt.
If you wish to enter one of the local (non county) classes at any of the carnivals the entry forms are below, these need to be printed off and returned by post with cheque where applicable.
If you intend entering different county classes at the county carnivals, i.e. single masquerader at some and pairs at another you will need to submit two forms, one for each class and selecting which carnivals the class applies to.
Before you complete the online entry form please check out the conditions of entry below as by submitting the entry form you will have indicated you agree to abide by all conditions! The conditions of entry are split into the standard conditions for all seven carnivals and then additional information for each carnival.
(County Classes 1 – 15 only)


Online Entry Form – Please ensure you have all the details required before starting! 


Vehicle Special Order for Carnivals - On this page you will find various documents we believe will assist you in preparing your motorised entry for Carnival.